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Oya Needlework

Sweet Violet

Sweet Violet - Meaning : HUMBLE 

Main Colour : Violet

% 100 Handmade & Silk Rope

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Real Silk Rope

Sweet Violet
Needlework is fine lace usually made with doubly twisted silk thread using a needle, shuttle, crochet hook or hairpin. Depending on what tools, materials and techniques are used in its making, there are several types of needlework, such as crochet-hook, shuttle, hairpin, cocoon, wool, wax, bead, and woven needlework.
Historically, the chief reason that the art of needlework developed in Anatolia was that the region lay athwart the Silk Route and was the site of silk production. Needlework and the knits that were devised in this region spread from Anatolia to the Balkans in the XIIth century and thence via Italy to Europe.
Tools and Materials Used in Doing Needlework
Important among the iraditional handicrafts peculiar to Anatolia, silk needlework has placed its stamp on the traditions and customs of numerous regions thanks to the fact that almost anyone can do it without recourse to expcnsive tools or materials

The Preparing of the Silk
Needlework is an indispensable part of a trousseau, and it starts with the preparation of the silk. The cultivatİon of silkworms begİns with seeds obtained from the direclorale of agriculturc The fruit of careful, long labor in the home, the cocoons are cooked in frying pans as the neighbors piteh in, and as they cook a stick İs stirred around among them until fibers of silk of the desired thickness attach to them. These silk fibers are then shaped into skeins and dried, after whİch they are ready for dyeing.

The Dyeing of the Silk
Silk is geııerally given its color using natural dyes such as \valnut shells and leaves, blackbcrrics, quinİne, tea, coffee, Ünden, pomegranate rind, eggplant skin and onion skin. From these natural substances are obtained the colors mauve, d ark mauve, green, dark green, mustard yellow, lighî coffee, cream, reddish beige, îight yellou' and purple.                                                                                                                              

The Shaping of Motifs
İn doing needle\vork the motifs are usually vegetal; fruits, leaves and special flo\vcrs. But there are also figures such as the butterfly, 'symbolic' motifs such as çapkın bıyığı (Casanova's muslache)and saray süpürgesi {the palace broom), objects such as the basket and handbag, and alsovarious geometric motif s. Not content with this range of motifs, the women in their creativity can turn into needlework some wildflower they happen to see while walking.

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